Colfax welcomes you.

Thirty Fourteen, Odelay Tacos, and Beetle Bar share the same roof.  Beneath that roof you’ll find some of Denver’s best tacos, Colfax’s most low key drinking establishment, and one of the sexiest private party rooms you can book.  We could sit here and tell you all sorts of things about our little spot.  We’d rather invite you to come down, relax, and enjoy it for yourself.

Now open for lunch too!

Drink it, Eat it, Book it.

Your pals,


The Fax of life

What is the meaning of life? We’re a restaurant and bar. We don’t really have answers for questions like that. What we do have is amazing food, drinks, and daily specials. A better question to be asking yourself is “Why am I not enjoying life down at Thirtyfourteen and Odelay Tacos?”… Seriously.